Best Ways of Eating Baru Seeds

Hi folks! During our baru seeds demos a lot of people ask a crucial question:

“What can you do with them? How do you eat them?”

There are many ways of eating baru seeds. From having them a snack to coming up with elaborate dishes, your creativity is the limit!


Just have them as a snack on the go, peel and all. Maybe salt them a little? Or add them to your favourite trail mix or bowl. Easy enough! This is the traditional way of eating them.


Peel them. From there you can coat them with chocolate, grind them and turn them into pesto, butter, baru sauce or even barutella. Glaze them with maple syrup! Add them to rice recipes, or use them to replace peanuts or tree nuts in basically any recipe!



OPTION A: Soak them for a couple of hours. Then peel them. This enables you to make hummus or even baru burguer! When soaked they behave exactly like chickpeas.

OPTION B: Grind them coarsely and add them to your favourite recipes! They’re so versatile you can even make milk out of them.

On a future post we will look into using baru flour! Stay tuned 🙂