RESEARCH: Baru Diet Prevents Obesity

castanha-de-baruA Master’s dissertation was published back in 2014 in Brazil describing the effect of a baru diet in obese women. Its conclusion? Eating 20g of baru seeds every day reduced body fat. It also improved lipid profile and increased antioxidant activity in overweight women.

Mind you, this is referring to a normocaloric diet.

The article has a wealth of information and comparative tables with other nuts and seeds. Furthermore, it also describes other effects from a baru diet, such as hip size reduction.

For those of you who can read Portuguese, it is even more interesting!

Check it out: Souza, R. G. M. (2014). Effect of baru almonds consumption associated to isoenergetic on body composition, serum lipids and antioxidant enzymes activities in overweight/obese women. (Master’s Dissertation). Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2014.