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The finest baru seeds turned into butter. No additives, plain, smooth, natural, single ingredient. School safe and workplace safe.

A miracle from the threatened Cerrado savanna in South America, this is the closest to peanut butter any substitute could get – but considerably more nutritious. 

You are also contributing to the preservation and reforestation of the Cerrado by buying this product.

Ingredients: dry-roasted baru seeds.

Made in Canada with imported ingredients
Made in a gluten, peanut and nut-free facility

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 9 cm

4 thoughts on “NEW: Baru Butter 250g

  1. Brodie says:


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  2. Shand Santos says:

    Thank you for the support Berenice!
    Hello Lauren, there are plans of a sweetened version but for now we’ll focus on the plain one 🙂
    Best! Shand

  3. Berenice says:

    I tried the Baru Butter at the Green Living show and loved it! Peanut butter bothers my stomach these days, and my nutritionist friend says it’s bad for you anyway, especially the processed ones, but I missed it and was delighted to discover that this butter tastes amazing and has mega health benefits. Going to pre-order one for each of us to try now. Thanks for bringing Canadians this amazing product. I hope your work in bringing us this new-to-us superfood will help save this endangered tree species and benefit the farmers.

  4. Lauren says:


    Just discovered your baru seeds at the low carb grocer and i looove them. Will you be coming out with a sweetened version of the butter? not with sugar but a sweetener?

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