Our Story

Baru Baron is a Canadian, Toronto-based company focused on introducing and raising awareness of baru seeds and related products into Canada.

IMG-20180304-WA0004It was founded in 2016 by Shand Santos, a Brazilian immigrant from Midwestern Brazil. After moving to Canada, Santos thought important to share with the world what his home country had to offer.

“Baru Baron” was conceived as a tongue-in-cheek name for a company that, in fact, depends on a network of co-ops, and on the preservation of natural resources for its success. The company is anti-GMOs and anti-monoculture, as these practices are clearly destructive in Midwestern Brazil.

The area currently has the widest social gap in South America, and the largest rate of deforestation in the continent. It is home to the South American Cerrado, a massive savanna once half the size of Europe.

Industrial monoculture has reduced the Cerrado to a quarter of its original size, ignoring the savanna biodiversity and important role as a rainfall “sponge” for half of the continent. It cannot be allowed to collapse, as the Amazon rainforest depends on their shared water cycle.

Baru Baron aims to counteract this threat by bringing global awareness to the Cerrado’s biodiversity and importance, starting with its crown jewel: the delicious, nutritious, and sustainable baru seed.

Contact us at info@barubaron.ca or visit our Press page for more details about us.