Does baru grow in the Amazon rainforest?

There is some speculation from some of our clients over baru coming from the Amazon rainforest or even the Amazon savanna. Does it come from the Amazon at all?

Hard no. Baru trees only grow in the South American Cerrado savanna. It lies between the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic forest (seen below), going all the way down to Paraguay and Bolivia. Being such a massive biome, the Cerrado is part of a huge water cycle crucial to the Amazon. There, deep-rooted trees such as baru play a vital role in storing water underground.

However, baru trees need specific conditions only found in the Cerrado to grow and bear fruit, such as moisture levels, deep water tables, drained soil and pollinators. In this, the Cerrado and the Amazon are very different and unique biomes.

The northern Amazon rainforest has patches of savanna on the border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, but all are very difficult to access.


All baru seeds available commercially anywhere in the world (not only from Baru Baron) are currently sourced from the Cerrado drylands. This happens because of the very nature of baru trees, specific to the Cerrado. Also, a proximity to large urban areas makes it easier to transport and process baru fruits.

For more information on the Amazon-Cerrado water cycle, check this out!