Completely Unknown


Baru seeds are a really new thing in North America and nobody has ever heard of them until now.

How come? And if they’re so special, shouldn’t they be all over the place?

They come from literally the middle of nowhere, and people only started paying attention to them some 15 years ago – even though they have had several scientific articles on them published all over the world since the 80’s.

It’s especially easy to ignore the baru fruits, for they blend in perfectly with their environment, in a place where other much more attractive fruits grow, such as pequi, mangaba, and wild cashews. The seeds are also discrete, and hard to extract. Why bother?

On top of that, until 15 years ago there was barely any infrastructure in the Cerrado to process and export them. Only now there are farms producing their very first crops, and proper roads to transport them.

Add that to the fact they come from Brazil, a country that manages to self-sabotage its natural wealth whenever possible and voilá: nobody knows about baru outside of Brazil, and even within it only now it’s becoming familiar.

That’s why it hasn’t been a thing yet. It was just ignored this whole time. A buried gemstone, waiting to be uncovered.